Starry Night Whimsical Birdhouse
The perfect home, for the artistic birdie.  Imagine your birdie family, being the envy of all their neighbors, with this BEST SELLER! *Each Curvy Birdie is hand painted, and may vary from pictures. *Each Curvy Birdie is coated in a urethane...
Cherry Blossom Dome Birdhouse
Introducing our new dome shaped Birdie! Imagine watching your grandkids face, light up with smiles, as they see the charm and charisma, in your garden! *Each Curvy Birdie is hand painted, and each will vary from picture shown. **We use...
Beach Sunset Heaven Drop Birdhouse
This quiet, simple and serene “setting” will allow your Birdie to escape the daily life. 😉 *Each Birdie is coated with a urethane finish, giving protection from the weather. **Each Birdie is handmade, hand painted, and will vary from the...
A-frame Yellow Rustic Birdhouse
The traditional A-frame shape, of this Birdie, will still give whimsey and charm, to your garden, sunroom, or porch.
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